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Din(ST35.4,ST45,ST42) Steel Pipe


Tiancheng Group is a professional steel pipe supplier in China, it's our job to provide high quality steel pipe for wide applications, Here is the chart for all customers to check for replacement when you can't find the desired steel pipe product of a certain standard. This chart mainly made for German Standard(DIN), Din 1626, DIN 1629, DIN 17175, main steel grades are ST35.4, ST45, ST42,etc.

ASTM,GB,JIS Standard Comparison of Din( ST35.4, ST45, ST42) Steel Pipe

Steel GradeGB ChinaJIS JapanASTM AmericaDin German
Steel GradeSteel GradeSteel StandardSteel GradeSteel GradeMaterialSteel Standard
Carbon Steel Pipe/Tube(Q235)Steel Pipe/TubeGGP STPY41G3452 G3457ASTM (A53 F) A283-D(St33)1.0033DIN1626
10#Steel Pipe/TubeSTPG38G3454ASTM A135-A A53-A(St37)1.0110DIN1626
STPG38G3456ASTM A106-ASt37-21.0112DIN17175
St35.8 St35.41.0305 1.0309DIN1629/4
STB30G3461ASTM A179-C A214-CSt35.81.0305DIN17175
STB33G3461ASTM A192 A226St35.81.0305DIN17175
20#Steel Pipe/TubeSTPG42G3454ASTM A315-B A53-B(St42) St42-21.0130 1.0132DIN1626
STPT42G3456ASTM A106-BSt45-81.0405DIN17175
STB42G3461ASTM A106-BSt45-81.0405DIN17175
STS42G3455ASTM A178-C A210-A-1St45-41.0309DIN1629/4

Low Alloy Steel Pipe/Tube16MnSteel Pipe/TubeSTS49 STPT49G3455 G3456ASTM A210-CSt52.4 St521.0832 1.0831DIN1629/4 DIN1629/3
15MnVSteel Pipe/TubeSTBL39G3464

Low Temperature Steel Pipe/Tube16MnSteel Pipe/TubeSTPL39G3460ASTM A333-1.6TT St35N1.0356SEW680
15MnVSteel Pipe/TubeSTBL39G3464ASTM A334-1.6
09Mn2VSteel Pipe/Tube

ASTM A333-7.9 A334-7.9TT St35N1.0356SEW680
(06A1NbCuN)Steel Pipe/TubeSTPL46 STBLG3460 G3464ASTM A333-3.4 A334-3.410Ni141.5637SEW680
(20Mn23A1)Steel Pipe/Tube

ASTM A333-8 A334-8X8Ni91.5662SEW680

Heat resistant Steel Pipe/Tube16MoSteel Pipe/TubeSTPA12 STBA12、13G3458 G3462ASTM A335-P1、A369-FP1 A250-T1、A209-T115Mo31.5414DIN17175
12CrMoSteel Pipe/TubeSTBA20G3462ASTM A335-P2、A369-FP2 A213-T2

15CrMoSteel Pipe/TubeSTPA22 STBA22G3458 G3462A335-P12、A369-FP12 A213-T1213CrMo441.7335DIN17175
12Cr1MoVSteel Pipe/TubeSTPA23 STBA23G3458 G3462ASTM A335-P11、A369-FP12 A199-T11、A213-T11

Cr2Mo 10MoWVNbSteel Pipe/TubeSTPA24 STBA24G3458 G3462ASTM A335-P22、A369-FP22 A199-T22、A213-T2210CrMo9101.7380SEW610
Cr5MoSteel Pipe/TubeSTPA25 STBA25 STPA26 STBA26G3458 G3462 G3458 G3462ASTM A335-P5、A389-FP5 A213-T5 A335-P9、A369-FP9 A199-T9、A213-T912CrMo1951.7362DIN17175

Stainless Sour Resistant Steel Pipe/Tube(1Gr13Steel Pipe/Tube)SUS410 TPG3463ASTM A268 TP410X10Cr131.4006DIN17440
(2Cr13Steel Pipe/Tube)

ASTM (SISI 420)X20Cr131.4021DIN17440
(1Cr17Steel Pipe/Tube)SUS430 TBG3463ASTM A268 TP430/TP429X8Cr171.4016DIN17440
0Cr18Ni9Stainless Steel Pipe/TubeSUS304 TP/TBG3459 G3463ASTM A312、A376、TP304 A213、A249、A268 TP304X5CrNi1891.4301DIN17440


Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube)



Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube


Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube

SUS321 TP/TBG3459 G3463ASTM A312、A376 TP321 A213、A249、A266 TP321X10CrNiTi1891.4541DIN17440
0Cr18Ni13Mo2TiStainless Steel Pipe/TubeSUS316 TP/TBG3459 G3463ASTM A312、A376 TP316 A213、A249、A266 TP316

0Cr18Ni13Mo3TiStainless Steel Pipe/TubeSUS317 TP/TBG3459 G3463ASTM A312、A376 TP316 A213、A249、A268 TP317


Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube

SUS304L TP/TBG3459 G3463ASTM A312、A376 TP34L A213、A249、A268 TP304LX2CrNi1891.4306DIN17440


Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube

SUS316L TP/TBG3459 G3463ASTM A312、A376 TP316L A213、A249、A268 TP316LX2CrNi8101.4404DIN17440


Stainless Steel Pipe/Tube

SUS317L TP/TBG3459 G3463A312、A376、 TP317L A213、A249、A268 TP317L

If you need more detailed info on any type of steel pipe or other steel tubes, don't hesitate to send a message for the help of our professional sales and expert team now!

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